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A Kuching-born stylist turned fashion designer, started female wear brand YACUTHA in 2017. A mindfully made, home-grown ethical resort lounge fashion brand.

“I was always surrounded by fashion since young , and dreamt of creating my own apparel brand.”

The brand name YACUTHA is a merge between the designer’s name (Yacub) and his father’s (Taha). An eclectic brand focuses on drapes, colors, textile mix and versatile styling.

“I adore the vibe of tropical botanical garden especially the flowers which inspire me tremendously. I like to think of them as opulence and fill with abundance of joy.”

In 2003, Yacub has decided to seek new experiences in Britain where he was exposed to international brands and refinery. He strongly believed that as a fashion enthusiast, it is necessary to travel and broaden the perspective of fashion.

“In London, I have learned and experienced luxury and tradition mix together; the importance of perfect finishing and every haberdashery necessary to add value to a garment.”

And that became YACUTHA brand’s focus : creating refined resort lounge wear without compromise.

Being ethical and mindfully made:

YACUTHA chose to create small collections with pieces that people would have in their wardrobes for a very long time and pass on to others. And eventually would be able to decompose and not end up in landfill. Hence the fabric use is mainly cotton, linen and silk. “It is really important to me to produce ethically and sustainably without compromising the design and being too basic as that’s not my aesthetic.”